0-18 Months


We offer full-time care We have created a nurturing and creative environment for infants that will nurture their minds and bodies in a safe and secure environment where they can learn, play and develop Please call us for current rates.

19-30 Months


We offer full-time care Toddler programs emphasize the importance of balancing playtime, nurturing, and learning throughout the day. The environment encourages the development of visual skills in addition to the tools and equipment, which serves as a solid foundation for understanding SPICE Please call us for current rates.



We offer full-time care The preschoolers are enthusiastic learners. In the course of acquiring coordination, learning complex games, and interacting more with friends, children are exposed to a new world. As part of our program, we offer literacy, numeracy, creative arts, natural science/spiritual, gross motor skills, and social/emotional development Please call us for current rates.

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