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Garderie Zazie Daycare

is a government-licensed and subsidized child care with 12 Full-time spaces in the south end of Regina. Our daycare accepts children as young as 12 months of age up to the age of six.


Our role is to encourage and support each child in all areas of development, therefore creating a positive self-image and opportunity for success. We aim to provide a French daycare that is caring, warm, and safe environment for each child to play, explore, learn, and reach their full potential. Parents and childcare staff, both play an integral part in promoting and providing an environment rich in learning experience and growth.

Our Favourite Activities


What kinds of wonderful books and adventures will we find at the library this time?

Spray park

Summers were made for afternoons at the spray park with all their daycare friends.


Let their little minds wander as we explore the local museums together.

Fire station

It’s so much fun to see some of our city’s finest heroes at the fire station!


We love to take walks and explore the neighboring parks and playgrounds.


There’s nothing better on a nice day than to pack a picnic basket and enjoy the sunshine!

Bus ride

We’ll take us all for a ride to see some interesting sights and sounds in our city.

Farmer’s market

From tasty treats to terrific tunes, there’s always so much to see at the Farmer’s Market.